Thursday, 9 September 2010

Low Life Halloween 2010

Thanks to everyone who came down to the party. Next party is on January 1st at Corsica Studios. Fill line-up announced in the next week or so .

Check out the amazing short movie that Heather Shuker and friends put together for this party >> 

We recorded all of the sets from this party, you can download them here:

Bill Brewster >>

Matthew And Jolyon >>

Dave Lee >>

Bruce Tantum >>

Michael Cook >>

Frank Broughton >>

All photos by Mark Pringle >>

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Low Life Summer 2010

Yo, we iz rollin' deep for the last throwdown before we hit Jones Beach for summer rays. We gotta new crib, that's how we do things here, cuz:
Strickly for playaz and their beeyatches (or playaz and their playaz or even beeyatches and their beeyatches). 
Bring your crew.
Don't come strapped. 
Don't be a playa hata. Represent! 

DRESS: Playa. Beeyatch (etc.)
Lexx as Steinski
Ross Allen as MC Hammer
Matthew & Jolyon as Salt'N'Pepa
Michael Cook as Ol' Dirty Bastard
Frank Broughton is Vanilla Ice
Bill Brewster as Grandmaster Billee Bill 
10pm - 4am at C.A.M.P., 70-74 City Road, EC1Y 2BJ. 
Saturday June 5th 

Buy tickets from TICKETWEB >

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Low Life 15th Birthday

Wow. What an amazing night. Thanks for coming down, you looked gorgeous and danced all night. We can't ask for more. If you fancy checking yourselves out, here are Mark Pringle's pictures. Below that, are the three sets from the backroom to download. Danny is sending us the tracklisting for the main room sometime soon. We'll add that once we receive it. Details on next party to follow shortly. It's on June 5th and it's the last one we're doing before autumn.

Matthew Burgess >>

Michael Cook >>

Bill Brewster >>