Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Low Life 
Blacke Magicke

A Night of Shadowes and Hellfire

50 early-bird tickets now available at just £10

The witching houre is upon us, and we must make haste to the darkest shadowes of the place known as Low Life, there to make ceremony with the gather’d spirits of All Hallowes Eve. ’Tis verily a supermarket of the supernatural.

For thine entertainment shall we conduct a Blacke Masse of demonicke proportions, instruction in the Darke Arts of sorcery and Musicke to shake your very bones.

• Diske Jockeys fine and true
• Magicke conjurors
• Dashing gentlemen, schooled in necromancy
• Spells and Potions in great variety
• Fair Maidens of low repute

Heare the fearsome roar of The Unabombers, a demon with two heads!
Marvel as Bill Brewster saws himself in half
See Michael Cook conjure nightmares from wax
Heare Matthew Burgess bring forth burning devilles
Look on in horrore as Frank Broughton makes a dancefloor disappear
Feare the Norman doctores Namedrop & Benoit with their poultices of base metal

In a darke caverne at the signe of the Elephante
Saturday 29th Octobre, from sunset to sunrise

Tickets only. Strictly limited.
50 early- bird tickets now available at just £10
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